Friday, July 30, 2010

Topic 2

The school I work at has a great information and resource centre. It is co-ordinated by a teacher librarian who has recently graduated and so is up to date and aware of what it means to be an information literate school community. She recently reviewed the TL role statement and it reflects ALIA standards.
AS far as I am aware our Principal is a forward thinking driven leader and supports initiatives in the library.
This may be a bit naive and as I learn more and talk to a few of the staff I may find different perspectives.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Topic One Reflection

  • Resource Based Learning- an essential and worthwhile learning strategy that empowers students with the skills to learn through their own investigation, facilitated not driven or dictated by the teacher.
  • Key Words- investigate, discover, analyse, evaluate, develop, create.
  • The Teacher Librarian and the school library is a pivotal part of the school community. The teacher-librarian needs to work with teachers to provide students with learning opportunities that reflect the requirements of 21st Century thinking.
  • The school library is a centre for learning first and resources second.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Blogs 'bout books

Welcome to my blog. It's very exciting getting everything started, overwhelming too!!
I am going to put up some book reviews and try to get a bit of a book blab going on my blog so please visit me and keep me updated on what you're reading too. My job at school entails engaging middle school boys in reading and keeping them doing so with a constant supply of great books and so I always love recommendations.
Thanks for visiting.