Monday, September 2, 2013

Unholy Trinity by Denis Ryan

Read the excerpt from the novel below.  It was challenging and confronting, but something I felt compelled to read to better understand the suffering of the people involved and how this situation could possibly occur.  I give it 5/5 stars.

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One policeman's desperate and moving account of his decades-long struggle to bring a depraved paedophile priest to justice - only to find himself obstructed by the Catholic Church and betrayed by his own police force.

Monsignor John Day died in 1978. He was arguably Australia's most prolific paedophile. His victims are counted in the hundreds. Yet when Day died, he was feted by Bishop Ronald Mulkearns as having 'faithfully fulfilled his ministry in God's name'.

The Church had been well aware of Day's activities. For years his crimes had been overlooked and tacitly endorsed. Unbelievably, Day had committed his terrible crimes with the knowledge and protection of senior members of the Victoria Police as well as the Clerk of the Courts, the most senior officer of the court in Mildura in the 1960s and '70s. Together the three men cast a shadow over the city that remains today.

Read Across the Universe

Book Week is over for another year.  It was a busy week for the library, but well worth it.  The displays this year in the library have dramatically improved due to the increase in library staff.  The extra set of hands and more time has resulted in better, bigger displays.

We held a dress up day, staff odyssey (drinks and nibbles in the library), hosted Alice Pung, Robert Newton, The Flying Bookworm, Robert Hillman and a library conference run by SCIS focusing on RDA, as well as quizzes and activities in the library each day.

A European Vacation

Is there anything more delightful than learning a language (French) and then travelling to the country of that tongue?  Yes.  Being able to use the language.
I recently journeyed to France with mother and sister in tow, after studying French for near a year, the most I could manage conversationally was "je peux avoir un cafe" to which most would reply in English "anything with your coffee?"
I quickly learnt that my stumbling around the language with a French tutor in Northcote was a far cry from the rapid fire conversational language and I quickly succumbed to fingering through my translation dictionary.
Regardless the holiday was flipping amazing.  In Paris we visited the museums and galleries.   A highlight being Le Louvre and Versailles.  Just Incredible.
We travelled on to Italy.  Visiting Venice, Florence, Cinque Terre and Rome.  My highlights were basking in the sun in Monterosso and eating in Rome.  Actually eating everywhere.  We completed the holiday with three nights in Barcelona.  Which was not enough.  I didn't get a real feel for the city or the country and needed more exploring.
It was wonderful to have a three week Summer break in the middle of Winter.  I might even do it again next year!
P.S I took a Kindle on holidays with me.  It was fantastic. If you don't already have a Kindle. Get one.  they are worth every cent.  I managed to read the whole "Tomorrow when the war began series" books 1-7 by John Marsden as well as the follow on Ellie Linton Chronicles series books 1-3.  The battery lasts for months and they are a simple, efficient, wonderful travelling companion.