Monday, March 14, 2011

Here we go again!!!

I have been putting off this day. When I actually accept that yes - the uni trimester has started and I need to stop ignoring it and get cracking. I am probably about two weeks behind everyone else- ignorance is bliss though isn't it?
So I finished off EER500 the social research subject and I have to admit I really quite liked it. It was only a tester of social research but it was great and the lecturer Beverly Moriarty was excellent. It would be really great if we could read some of the work of other students to see how other people went.
This year my teaching load has changed to include teacher librarian hours. It has been fabulous to work in resourcing the curriculum and working with teachers to provide great assignments and effective and engaging research in the library. Some of the learning I did in ETL501 and 401 has been essential in ensuring I am effective as a teacher librarian. Whenever I create a research assignment I include information literacy tips and advice and have presented to the staff on Boolean Logic and Website Evaluation Criteria. My teaching load has also changed to include a role in leadership in the school and so this year has been crazily busy so far- another reason why it's taken me until now to get started.
I have however gotten a great headstart on my ETL507 subject and have organised and locked in my placement for ten days in the July school holidays at the State Library of Victoria. I have also locked in my four day study placement for the October holidays in Melbourne. I am really excited about the placement opportunities and being amongst other like minded people.
One thing I find so difficult about this form of study is feeling very isolated and spending so much time on my own. It's always better to be with people and talking through with others the themes and issues that come up.
I am enrolled for this session in ETL504 Teacher Librarian as Leader. I think this unit actually involves some group work and so it will be interesting to see how that goes.
Well it's time for me to get cracking. I need to read the 504 subject outline, the intros and forum postings and then work out a bit of a study plan for the unit.
Wish me luck.

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