Monday, November 14, 2011

Assessment Item 1

Social networking is the online sharing of information and connecting with like minded individuals and groups.
I enjoy using Twitter for professional development, I follow a number of teacher librarians and find their posts really positive for my own repetoire of skills. I also like to post content that I find interesting or of benefit.
I connect with friends and family on Facebook, however I'm looking forward to using this as a more professional tool in this subject.
I currently use Diigo to tag my favourite sites. I only use it for my own organisation of sites, however and would like to use it more for social networking purposes.
I also have this online learning journal that I use to record my learnings and experiences from my Masters degree, however I havent been very active in following others.
From this subject I would like to learn more about using social networking and media for my own professional development. I would like to be a stronger participant rather than observing. I would like to gain more ideas for implementing social media into the library and classroom.
I really love social networking and media and I'm keen to learn anything I can to utilise it more effectively.

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