Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Social Media Policy

Identify 5 key points which you would use to advise a Social Media Policy Working Party regarding the development of a policy for organisation with regard to employees use of Web 2.0 tools and spaces for work and personal use while using your organisations' computers/network and time.
  1. If employees are going to use Social Media in the workplace they must participate in training to ensure they understand how to use it appropriately and effectively. Social Media is a powerful tool when used well. If used in the wrong way it can cause extensive damage.
  2. When using social media employees need to be aware that their online activity reflects on their workplace. This includes external Web 2.0 technology. The social media activity of employees will be monitored both in and out of the workplace. Social media that is unrelated to work activities should not occur during work hours and on work networks.
  3. When using social media use your name, do not create fake profiles. Also use the company logo and a professional photo.
  4. When posting ensure their is value in what is being shared. The information you post reflects on the workplace; it needs to be accurate and current, respectful and oriented towards the audience, not towards peer groups.

  5. Do not divulge sensitive, private, confidential information concerning the work place, colleagues or anyone else without permission. Be aware that people may not want to be tagged in photos or linked to certain events without permission. The Internet is a public arena and it is important to respect people's right to privacy.

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