Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New year, new beginning

This blog was created as a part of my learning for the Masters in Teacher Librarianship I have recently completed (hooray!) I decided today that just because the Uni course has finished does not mean that I cannot still blog about my library learning journey. And so here goes...

2012 has brought with it a change of library scenery; a new school in Melbourne and with that a whole range of new challenges. The library I left was at the top of it's game; lead by a forward thinking, tech savvy teacher librarian, the place was leaps and bounds in front of the pack. I am grateful for the experience.

Things I have ticked off the list at my new school library:
1. Implement a wider reading program as a part of the English curriculum
2. Stocktake the Series section
3. Re-shelve the Series section separately to Fiction
4. Collection development of Fiction, Series and Biography sections
5. Order furniture for the reading area
6. Order audio books for English texts

Things still to come:
1. Purchase ipods to begin audio borrowing system
2. Collection development of the Non-Fiction section.
3. Train students in selection of reading material
4. Join local SLAV network
5. Attend 3 Library PD's for the year
6. Ensure Library Handbook, including all policies and procedures are completed

I didn't say it wasn't going to be a busy year!
We did manage to celebrate Love to Read on Valentine's Day....

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