Tuesday, March 12, 2013

VIC PLN - 1st entry

  • Who are you and what is your history as an educator?
My name is Ria Coffey, I have worked in education since completing my Bachelor degree in 2004.  I worked in both Primary and Secondary schools and recently I completed my Masters in Teacher Librarianship through Charles Sturt University.  This year I have an interesting role; I am working as a teacher librarian, coordinating a reading program across two campuses, I am also Head of English faculty and Literacy Coordinator Year 7-12.

  • Where are you at currently in terms of your skills and experience with Web 2.0 tools? Are you just getting around to using them, or are you an avid user?
I am fairly comfortable with Web 2.0 tools and have used them to engage, teach and learn with for a number of years.  There is always room for improvement and learning and I'm looking forward to sharing ideas.  Here is a list of some of the tools I use:
Newspaper generator
Comic Life
My Fakebook

  • Describe your current Personal Learning Network. What organisations, people and networks do you support and in return support you? Where do you get information now? Conferences? Newsletters? Associations? Blogs? Colleagues? Staff meetings?
I am an avid user of Twitter, I find it exceptionally good for professional development and networking.  I began using Twitter a few years ago and in the beginning was following a few celebrities and not getting much out of it.  Then I changed my approach, I stopped following quite a few people and began using the tool to follow current news issues and fellow teacher librarians from all around the world.  I tweet about good books and information literacy and enjoy learning from others.
I enjoy being a part of the School Library Association of Victoria and the Secondary Literacy Network and the PD and networking opportunities that these provide.  I read the Penguin, SCIS, Magpies, Reading Time and FYI magazines and follow the blogs of, to name a few, Jenny Luca, Librarian in Black, Creative Library Displays, Joyce Valenza and Buffy Hamilton.  I already have a google reader account with subscriptions to these and others, so there is always something to read.

  • What are your goals in terms of this program? What would you like to achieve this term? What would you like to achieve by the end of the year?
My goals for this program are to keep learning and challenging myself to try new things. 
I would like to find more librarians in Melbourne to connect with.
I would like to increase my participation in Twitter and blogging spheres and so need to have more to offer.

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