Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unit 5: VICPLN

Search the Web

Effectiveness of search engines - Topic of search: Shogunate Japan

I found that Google, Bing and Duck Duck Go returned much the same results when a search on Shogunate Japan was completed.  First results included Wikipedia, Encyclopaedia Britannica and

I liked the Duck Duck Go interface; it was clear and easy to navigate.  I found Bing and Google too busy for students, however a mature user may enjoy the myriad options that Google provides.

InstaGrok was fantastic.   I liked the Key Facts for quick access and the links to Websites, Videos, Images and a Glossary.  I am a visual person and so I liked the Concept Map.

Website Evaluation

Trusted website:
I knew this was a trusted site for the following reasons:
URL - the URL is a .gov site.  This means it is a government site and administered by people employed in government departments.
Author - the people responsible for this website are working for the National Library of Australia.  This gives them credibility as a Library has many resources and are meticulous in their presentation, their aim is to provide resources to World Wide Web and there is no underlying motive for sales.
Advertising - there is no advertising material on the page.  The site is not attempting to make profit through advertisement which gives credibility to the site.
Date - by clicking on the Site News tab the user can see when the latest updates were made and what they were.   This gives the feeling that the site is regularly updated with current resources.
Functionality - It is important for a site to look and feel professional.  If a site does look and feel professional it is easy and efficient to use.  Trove is clear and easy to find information.

I always tag my tweets and my bookmarks and so it felt natural to tag my blog posts.  I do need to spend some time reflecting on my older posts and tagging - or "labelling" as blogger calls it.

I used Pinterest for a while - but felt I was doubling up and Diigoing resources as well.  I used it more when I had my iPad with me, surfing the Net whilst watching TV.  It is a lot of fun to check other pin boards - I did find some cool stuff.

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