Sunday, August 1, 2010

Topic 4

I found the Louisiana Information Literacy Model for Lifelong Learning really appropriate for my situation. A great process I feel could be adapted to suit my students and school.
Some of the models, for instance the 8W's, I found immature and not appropriate for secondary schools. I also thought the 8W's was confusing- "Waving" "Wondering"- I really liked models that included reflection as part of the process. Too often in all parts of our lives we do not stop to reflect; reflection is a powerful tool.
The Alberta Model had a step called "Information sharing". I liked this, as similar to reflection, we do not do this enough and we all know students learn the most when involved in peer teach type situations.
A common feature in the ILM was defining the task. This is such an important part of the process as it allows students to put the problem into their own words. A great place to start!!

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