Tuesday, May 10, 2011


According to Beck & Yeager (1994) a team is people coming together to work towards a shared mission. And it’s certainly true; when a team is working well they are capable of achieving great things. In schools and particularly in school libraries we find ourselves working as a team, however sometimes our mission is not a shared vision. Ensuring the team members are on the same path towards a combined goal is essential. Personally I find time constraints affect the ability that we as teachers and librarians have of working closely as a team. Time needs to be made available for teams to meet and work and ensure that teamwork is realised as an essential element of any organisation.

Law & Glover (2000) explore different roles of people in teams. The table they sourced from Belbin (1981, 1993) lists characteristics, qualities and weaknesses of different types of people. I could identify myself as an ‘Implementer’. Qualities include: gets on with the task, organising ability, hard working. This table would help people to understand other people in the team and their own role and participation in the team.

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