Friday, December 30, 2011

3 Library's usage of Social networking and Social media

Comparison of the Social Networking Tools used by three libraries:


Information Service Provision

Educational programs

Networking and connecting with others



State Library of Victoria

Bright Ideas blog

Read blog

Family Matters blog

News blog



Inside a dog blog



Bright Ideas blog




Online chat available 10am-6pm


Phone applications

Melbourne City Library

Online courses in how to use social networking

E-audiobooks available for download




Join online learning teams

Online feedback forms

Scotch College Melbourne

Library Blog

Online age


Links Plus


Library blog

Book clubs

Online suggestions forms

Ask an expert email

List of reasons why libraries should be social networking and on social media:

• Engaging with the modern technology that people are using
Libraries need to utilise the technology that their clientele are using to ensure they remain relevant to the user. The State Library of Victoria has numerous blogs, Twitter and Facebook accounts, photo sharing on Flickr and provide E-newsletters. The Melbourne City Library doesn’t have as much of a presence but stills engages with these tools. Scotch College being a school library is gradually joining the ranks of the public library system in using social networking and social media. Their blogs and book clubs are now available for all online.

• Providing information that is current when the need is relevant to the user
We live in a digital world; information needs to be at people’s fingertips, our library information needs to be accessible for users at the point of need. Smartphone applications created by the State Library are ensuring that their platform is being used when people want to find information. Better websites from Scotch College and the Melbourne City Library are ensuring people turn to these when they need to find answer to their questions.

• Promotion of Library services
Libraries need to promote their services via social media and social networking as this is where they will be seen or heard by their users. The State Library has a presence on Facebook and Twitter and uses these platforms to promote new exhibitions, services, and changes to opening hours, events or features occurring at the library or online.

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