Sunday, December 18, 2011

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds can enhance library or information service's ability to meet the information needs of its users in two ways:

1. Through the use of the feed new information is being delivered to the user for as long as they are subscribed.

2. The service can set up feeds that provide relevant information and users can search for feeds relevant to their information needs.


The provision of information can happen in any location. User's don't necessarily need to be at the Library to access the feeds and after subscribing no more work needs to occur.

Most sites and blogs now have the RSS feed icon and so it is easy and quick to set up a subscription. I subscribed to my sister's social commentary and feminist rants blog and a friends fashion blog, I receive email updates and they appear in my google reader along with other feeds. I also enjoy my Virgin updates, with flight and holiday specials to entice while I should be working.

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