Thursday, December 22, 2011

ASU Libraries

How do the videos created by Anita Perry of ASU Libraries and The Library Channel achieve the 4C's of social media?
(1minute videos, twitter feed, RSS feed, ability to subscribe and comment, chat via IM to a librarian)

Collaboration: the videos and the library channel allow for multiple users to find information, respond to it, ask questions and be guided. The videos allow for users to feel like they are a part of the library and are made to feel welcome and invited to participate.

Conversation: the twitter feed creates conversation, there is also an online poll to respond to.

Community: through developing understanding and informing their users ASU Libraries are ensuring their clientele are connected and feel a part of the community.

Content creation: it would be nice to see some of the video tutorials created by users of the library. There was room for participation in Twitter and response to feeds, as well as commenting on the videos and blog, however it could be worthwhile considering allowing users to take the helm with an online book club. If I could have logged into the individual university pages there may have been more content creation allowances.

The site and videos were really interactive, they were engaging, informative and encouraged a sense of community.

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