Friday, December 23, 2011


The above mind map demonstrates my Personal Learning Network.

Jeff Utecht’s post Stages of PLN adoption (3 April, 2008) on his blog The Thinking Stick identified the following 5 stages of the PLN:

Step 1: Immersion
Step 2: Evaluation
Step 3: Know it all
Step 4: Perspective
Step 5: Balance

At this stage I feel like I am in the "Know it all stage". I am currently undertaking a unit of study that requires me being a part of a number of social networks that I usually am not a part of. I do feel quite overwhelmed and have lost perspective and most certainly balance, as I am spending far too much of my time on phone apps or computer screen. When this unit finishes I will evaluate what parts of the learning I will continue with to help me achieve some Balance.

When I began my Masters I felt Immersed in information and networks of information, I then realised that I needed to evaluate and find what items are most beneficial for me to curate. A colleague and I actually spilt up some of the feeds to half the work load.

I participate heavily in Twitter, I have just recently received a new laptop and have "lost" (until I learn how to work the machine) some of the blogs I follow. I need to participate more with the blog authors and users. I have moved to Melbourne and so I am looking forward to reaching out to networks of TL's down there.

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