Saturday, December 17, 2011

Digital Natives

"Sharing Privacy & Trust in Our Networked World"
A report to the OCLC membership

This was some interesting reading regarding the use of the Internet by people surveyed across a number of countries. I did disagree with the information professionals "who saw little merit educational or otherwise in what is happening on these sites (social networking sites)"

I find these sites are being used widely in an educational setting as well as for many other and varied purposes. I work in education and we are constantly trying to implement social networking into the curriculum.

I could relate easily to the levels of engagement with the Internet. I didn't use the Internet whilst I was at school. I did begin to use it at University but only in a 'Browsing/Purchasing' manner. After completing Uni I began to use it for 'Interacting Activities' as I was on email and searching and then later for 'Creating Activities' as I now have webpages, profiles on social networking and social media sites. I engage daily with the Internet and my life would not be the same without it.

I regularly use Commercial sites, especially for purchasing books and clothes. I love that I can buy items from anywhere in the world from the comfort of my living room. I use social networking sites especially Facebook and Twitter for stay in contact with friends and I use social media for sharing information and finding clips on youtube.

I feel like I was an average statistic. I would have loved to see where Australia rated and compared in comparison to the countries surveyed.

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